Tuesday, December 5, 2017

PR Disaster at Nagoya Castle

This weekend at Nagoya Castle was a PR disaster for anyone who a Nobunaga fan.  This new Nobunaga statue which was shown to the public at the Ni no Maru section of the castle was not a true representation of Nobunaga.  Instead, it was an anime figure who is supposed to be Nobunaga from the comic Ikusa no Ko.  This statue belongs at a theme park or restaurant, not a place where Nobunaga lived.  If they wanted to display a young Owari no Utsuke era Nobunaga statue, that would have been easy.  A statue of him wearing his tiger/leopard skin hakama with a sleeveless top, multiple gourds around his waste with his swords armed with a matchlock rifle by his side.  This would have been a more accurate display of Nobunaga during his time at Nagoya, not some lame comic character.

Tenka no tame! 

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