Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tenka Fubu Part I

To understand Nobunaga's intentions we must go back to the conquest of Mino in 1567.

Elizabeth Berry,"Nobunaga transferred his headquarters from Kiyosu to Inabayama, which he renamed Gifu-the place from which the Chou ruler, Wu Wang, began his military campaign to destroy his rivals and unify China in the twelfth century B.C."(Berry, Hideyoshi, p. 38.)

By the time Nobunaga renamed the city Gifu and Takugen Shuon giving him the "Tenka Fubu" seal, Sengoku Japan changed. This was the start of Nobunaga's revolt against traditional authority and creating his own. He was the perfect man to do and get away with it. Nobunaga was truly a "rara avis" (Latin for rare bird). Why he was able to get away with it? The answer is simple. He never cared for traditional authority. Traditional authority blocked Nobunaga's way of life. He was an independent man to begin with.

Nobunaga thought he was the Wu Wang of Japan. That is why he created Gifu and used the "Tenka Fubu" seal to unify Japan by military force.

Nobunaga no tame!

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