Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yoshimoto's birth name

I received an e-mail from my history professor from Gifu. He saw Yoshimoto's birth name as Hougyokumaru. He said it was odd since he has seen the name as Hougikumaru or Houkikumaru. Okehazama no Takakai by Owada Tetsuo has Hougikumaru. I have two copies. However, one of the copies was a misprint. "Hougyokumaru" If anybody has a gripe, do not worry. You can use all three names if want.

This is the correct kanji for Yoshimoto's birth name. However, it was translated as Hougyokumaru when I was working on the book. This happens quite a bit. The pronunciation and wording is always messed up and changing.

As for my health, today I was able to go outside for a couple of hours. However, I became tired very easily and headed home. I am still not 100% A week or more and I shall be healed.

Tenka no tame!

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