Sunday, January 11, 2009

Defending redneck

I have received some harsh criticism for using the term "redneck" in my Okehazama book. For the people who think they know Oda Nobunaga, you have a problem. You do not know Nobunaga. I think they are jealous because he did not walk the line and did what ever he wanted. Nobunaga was very independent minded. That is the truth.

While other samurai were doing their training the standard way, Nobunaga did it "His Way." He was able to fish, hunt, swim, ride horses, sumo, hawking, mock battles, and the way of the gun. Nobunaga was not often around the castle grounds when he was young. His real education came from the outdoors. The country provided Nobunaga everything he needed to survive in a hellish Sengoku Japan.

Nagoya during the time of Nobunaga was small. Once leaving the castle grounds was open country. He was able to do anything he wanted without any of his senior retainers nagging him for useless nonsense. I think people tend to forget that Sengoku Nagoya was a country town. That includes Kiyosu and Komaki. He was able to be himself. Rednecks tend to be free spirit and independent minded people. A lot of people these days resent that attitude. Remember his diet? He love strong tasting country foods. Brain food! I have to admit one of the main reasons why I adore Nobunaga because he always able to say "Screw you!" to the higher authority. Read about his youth. It is simple to understand.

This is all for now. I will write more on the this subject later in the week.

Tenka no tame!

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