Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The more I read up on Nobunaga's youth and days as a young man I am convinced he was redneck. However, in my opinion the cut off date when his hillbilly days were over was in 1568 when he arrived in Kyoto. You have to read both Ota Gyuuichi and Oze Hoan's Shinchoo-Ko ki to really understand Nobunaga.

Also in my opinion historians do not spend enough time around the Gifu, Nagoya, or Okazaki area. If you spend some quality time there, you will find out very quickly it is a country city. When Nobunaga was alive and running, many did not understand the psychology of the man. Few did and Saito Dosan was one of them. He knew Nobunaga was a redneck country boy, but knew his rare talents. Many today just do not understand Nobunaga's psychology.

He was often in the open country shooting his gun and learning how to live. His clothes were outlandish, but he did not care. The countryside provided Nobunaga with everything he needed. Fruits, vegetables, and wild animals.

I just love the fact he would cram rice cakes and anything he could grab his hands on. I love his free spirit attitude which many Sengoku warlords hated. One must remember that his redneck lifestyle made Nobunaga a self-made man.

By 1568 things changed in my opinion. He was still a self-made man from Owari. However, Nobunaga set himself on national stage when he arrived in Kyoto. That is when I will stop using the word redneck. You have to be flexible.

Nobunaga no tame!

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