Thursday, April 9, 2009

Azuchi Wind mishap on Nagashino

I do like the Azuchi Wind site and eventually added it to the link list. What caught me attention was the Battle of Nagashino. Most of the information is old and does not include the new theory on the battle.

For example, the Oda army is still at 30,000 plus and 3,000 gunners used during the battle. New evidence has proven the old theory is wrong. The actual number of gunners used during the battle was around 1,500 or less. Anyways, the Oda army was around 10,000, Tokugawa-8,000, and the Takeda 6,000.

Here is a link I posted earlier.

Owada Tetsuo's, Sengoku 10 Daikassen no Nazo, pp. 110-130. Is a good read and contains rich information as well as the Varley article.

The Varley article has been mentioned many times on this site. He mentions that the rotating fire volley was never stated in Ota Gyuichi's Shincho-Ko ki.

This could all change only if the old theory is proven to be correct. However, I do not believe that will happen in the near future. As for the Azuchi Wind site, great pictures, information, and lots of hard work went into it. I like it.

This Easter season brings new hope. The gates of hell will not prevail against my Church.

Update: The Azuchi Wind site has many photos of the reconstructed Honnoji Temple near Teramachi in Kyoto. However, there is no mention nor photograph of the original Honnoji where Nobunaga died. From what I know, there is still doing some excavations and research on the original site.

Tenka no tame!

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Farah said...

Hello, I found this post of yours through google. I too, am quite a frequent visitor to the Azuchi Wind site and a fellow Nobunaga fan (thanks for that info in the number of gunners btw!) and I was just wondering if you knew anything about the maintainer(s) of that site.

Since geocities is closing down tomorrow I was wondering what their plans were for the site. I mean, I'd be very sad to see all that information go. Would you happen to know anything about their plans for it?