Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Okehazama 2nd edition sent to the publisher

I am happy to tell you that I just sent the 2nd edition to the publisher. This time, the content is very much improved. More professional looking. Only if I known that there would be so many errors, I would have waited.

If I have learned anything from this experience there are two things.

1) You have to have thick skin
2) You need patience.

Okehazama 2nd edition's endnotes have expanded, the bibliography, and of course, the book's content. After visiting both Okehazama landmarks, I have made my conclusion that Nobunaga used the surprise attack. I disagree with Fujimoto Masayuki's theory. I am not saying he is wrong. I just strongly disagree with him. My own military experience tells me that Nobunaga had no choice but to attack Yoshimoto by surprise. Anyways, I would like to thank Mr. Fujimoto for bringing up something new.

Now I must wait to see how the 2nd edition looks like. I ate a lot of humble pie and now I know I can take anybody on with no fear. Thanks to the SA, Jetlag Press, and to the man upstairs (God).

Nobunaga no tame!


otsuke said...

The publisher will start on it next week from what I am being told. It will look a lot better. Work to be proud of.

otsuke said...

If anybody has any questions or doubts about the 2nd edition here it is. It was my plan to begin with. I knew right away that the book was not up to par. It had to be rushed since I was about to be sent off. However, if things did not go to plan, I knew then I had time to correct things. I gave been given a second chance and made the most of it. More professional looking and just better overall. I am very proud of the work that was done. a little help from God does not hurt either.