Sunday, April 5, 2009

Danjo no Chu or Danjo no Jo?

I have broken down the Oda family. There are two Oda families. The Ise and Yamato.

Oda Ise no Kami (Iwakura Branch)

Oda Yamato no Kami (Kiyosu Branch)

Nobunaga's family belonged to the Yamato no Kami. However, there are three magistrates of the Yamato no Kami.

Oda Yamato no Kami (Kiyosu)--Oda Inaba no Kami, Oda Tozaemon, and Oda Danjo no Jo.

Nobunaga's line is the Oda Danjo no Jo or (Oda Danjo no Chu).


I have seen both Oda Danjo no Jo and Oda Danjo no Chu. To tell you the truth, both are acceptable in my opinion. Many Japanese sources have one or the other. If someone asked me which is the correct term, I would say both Oda Danjo no Chu and Oda Danjo no Jo. It is confusing and I had a hard time to decide which term to use.

Tenka no tame!

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