Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nobunaga versus Shingen Poll

I found this poll on the net and it was interesting. Oda Nobunaga versus Takeda Shingen: who would win? The poll showed Shingen would have triumphed.

Here is the link:

Normally, I would disagree with this garbage. However, I do agree with this poll for several reasons. Tokugawa Ieyasu lost big time to Shingen at the Battle of Mikatagahara in 1572. Ieyasu barley escaped. If he was KIA at Mikatagahara, Nobunaga would have been in deep trouble. However, Ieyasu lived for another day and the rest is history

Shingen was clearly making his move in late 1572 and the early part of 1573. The Asakura and the Azai would have helped Shingen by trapping Nobunaga. However, 1573 changed everything. Shingen passed away in April of 1573, the Asakura and the Azai were no more, and the banishment of shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki created more breathing room for Nobunaga and Ieyasu.

I would like to see an open battle between the "Fool of Owari" and the "Mountain Monkey." I think most Sengoku history buff would too.

Tenka no tame!


Tornadoes28 said...

I have always wondered how things would have turned out had Shingen not been killed by that apparent lucky shot. Would he have eventually marched on Kyoto?

Was it luck, or skill or destiny that Ieyasu escaped with his life?

otsuke said...

I think all three for Ieyasu. As for Shingen death, gun shot or sickeness. I would like to believe he died by a gun shot wound, but probably from sickness. I think the SA wiki or one of SA Citadel forums has more infomation on that.

To tell you the truth, I would like see both Nobunaga and Shingen go at one on one.

Eleonora said...
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Eleonora said...

--I always got the impression that Nobunaga got pulled against Takeda by Ieyasu himself... At first it didn't look like he was so hostile to him (in fact he married Nobutada to Matsu and Lady Tooyama to Katsuyori--).

Anyway, no wonder he would have perished against the Tiger of Kai.

--BTW, is it true that Uesugi Kenshin challenged Nobunaga to a face-to-face duel a la Shingen and he refused?

otsuke said...

I do not know if that happened at all. However, the Oda army suffered a defeat at the Battle of Tedorigawa in 1577 with Kenshin as the victor. Nobunaga was not present. Shibata Katsuie and Maeda Toshiie was in command. This was not some big set piece battle either, rather a skirmish.

Read the SA interview with Thomas Conlan for more details. The interview with Conlan is one of the best.

Eleonora said...

I'll give it a peek, thanks ^^