Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nobunaga Book by Frederic P. Miller

There is a new book on Nobunaga by Frederic P. Miller on Amazon. I found out this morning while checking my mail. Does anybody know about this book? The price is steep at $43.00 and do plan to buy the book in the near future.

Update: I just found out the book is a hoax and a total scam. Do not waste your money on it. For more information:

Tenka no tame


yussaOKland said...

How are you!
From Kajino okehazama nagoya,
We hava "KANGETU"festival at OKEHAZAMA shrine on today's evening.(31th october 17:30~20:30 japaneese time)
IT will be send on live by okehazam home page ""
Pleese see LIVES!
But no sound.
See you soon?
From yukio kajino

otsuke said...

Mr. Yukio Kajino,
Thank you for replying! I miss Japan and things related to Nobunaga and Nohime. The book you gave me as a gift is one of the best I have read on Okehazama. Two way tie for first place.

Owada Tetsuo's Okehazama no Tatakai and Mr. Wataru Kajino's book. Plan to see the party on you link.

Les "nobu-chan" Paterson