Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ohehazama Festival and New Friends

I have just returned home from an awesome trip back to Japan. I would like to thank Dohaland from Samurai Country who made the opportunity to meet Mr. Yukio Kanjino (Mr. Okehazama) possible. Dohaland was a great guide to the Nagoya area and it was a pleasure to meet her. We also had the 'Nobunaga Zen" for lunch. It was superb. Dohaland, thank you for your friendship.

Next year will be the 450th anniversary of the Battle of Okehazama. Mr. Kanjino gave a tour of the Okehazama battlefield (Arimatsu location) and it was a good one. He was also very kind to give a book Jimoto no Karo ga Kataru Okehazama Kassen Shimatsuki by Wataru Kanjino. This book is one of best I have seen on Okehazama and ranks it up there with Owada Tetsuo's version.

The Arimatsu Okehazama Battlefield is closed at the moment due to construction. Do not worry. They are getting ready for the big event next year. There will be a statues of Nobunaga and Yoshimoto. As for the Toyoake City location, a festival on a smaller scale.

Check out the Okehazama link:

It looks like the great Sengoku historian Owada Tetsuo will give some sort of lecture on December 6th this year.

Nobunaga no tame! Tenka no tame!


Tornadoes28 said...

I'm glad you had a good trip. Do you plan to return next year for the 450?

otsuke said...

If I do not get deployed and have the cash,yes! No doubt about it. They want me to help with the festival and give tours in English. I already for a fact this will be a huge event.

There is one problem though related to the battle. There are more questions than answers. The question get more complex and harder to answer. I bought three more books related to Okehazama. Plan to read them this month.

Tornadoes28 said...

Deployed? I hope you're not going to Afghanistan.

What is the Okehazama problem?

otsuke said...

Yeah, they are sending Navy guys to fight the Taliban. I am a deck guy. Anyways, we are going to lose this fight unless the government and the military get a guy from the depths of hell to kill them all.

I always suggest the officers to read McMullins book, Buddhism and the State in Sixteenth Century Japan. The officers told me right away there will be no slaughter house. I always reply with a "you lose!"

There is so much information on Okehazama the past six months it is so hard to digest. There will be more next year that I have been told just to hold off until the dust settles.

Tornadoes28 said...

Cool. Thanks and good luck.

otsuke said...

For example, I bought two books on Okehazama once the plane.

Okehazama Nobunaga no [Kishu Shinwa] wa uso datta by Fujimoto Masayuki. If you have his Nobunaga no Senso, you know where the book is going.

The other is Shinsetsu Okehazama by Hashiba Akira.

Also I did pick up the Buko Yawa as well.