Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kenichi Yamamoto

Novelist Kenichi Yamamoto unexpectedly passed away earlier this month at the age of 57.

He wrote Sengoku novels such as Katen no Shiro, Rikyu ni Tazureyo, and Raijin no Tsutsu.  Katen no Shiro and the Rikyu novels later became motion pictures.  I have Katen no Shiro and Raijin no Tsutsu since they deal with Nobunaga.  Katen no Shiro deals with the construction of Azuchi Castle, while Raijin no Tsutsu deals with Nobunaga's gun instructor Hashimoto Ippa.

The news is truly heartbreaking since Mr. Yamamoto was on his game of late.  His books made Nobunaga/Sengoku history more interesting and lively.  His work will be missed.

Nobunaga no tame!

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