Monday, March 10, 2014

Gifu Castle News I

There is more fantastic news from Gifu.  The castle archaeological works are starting to show how Nobunaga's palace was like during its glory.  I am not talking about Gifu Castle on top of Mt. Kinka, but Nobunaga's palace on ground level.  It was the highest non-religious structure at the time.  Nobunaga's palace building resembled very similar to Kyoto's Kinkakuji.  The building type was a shiden zukuri. a walk through garden.  Click on the blog date 3/7/2014 for more photos and a map.

Tenka no tame!


Daeva-kun said...

How interesting..!
I noticed that stupa while riding Kinka's ropeway to access the castle grounds, but I had no idea about an archaelogical site there! --Is it accessible? I saw further pics on the post of 3/1 of that blog with people visiting the place... I wasn't planning to check Gifu on my next trip to Japan, but if it's worth a visit--

Also, I can't read Japanese so I'm missing many infos, but isn't the depiction of the residence a bit too airy..? I mean... Falls from Mount Kinka ^_^; ..? But I really like the idea of a "walking through garden" it sounds plausible and very Nobunaga-like!

otsuke said...

Near the ropeway area is all archaeological work is being done. It is well worth the visit. Also the Gifu City Museum of History is a great place to visit as well. The gift shop inside the ropeway center has some great things as well.

Daeva-kun said...

Yeah, I visited the museums already (both of them, the City's and the tiny one by Gifu castle) and the ropeway center, but the area shown in the pic didn't look accessible back then:
Maybe it would have been from the hiking path... But hiking is not my cup of tea, I'm a girl from the seaside x'DDD