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In early 1553, Nobunaga had a meeting with his father-in-law Saito Dosan of Mino at Shotokuji in Tonda near the Owari border.  It was the first time the two met in person and it would be a memorable one.  Dosan realized that Nobunaga was no fool and knew someday his son-in-law would be the man who could conquer Japan.

Shotokuji Temple's origins originated in the Haguri district of Owari.  However, in the Eisho Era (1504-21) the temple moved to Owari's Nakajima district in Tonda.  Shotokuji often moved either due to floods or flames of war. The area where the Shotokuji meeting took place is debatable.  I have seen Tonda, Tomida, and Toda as the area where the meeting took place.  Ota Gyuichi's Shincho-Ko ki has it Tomida, while Oze Hoan Shinchoki has it written as Tonda.  A lot of my Nobunaga books has either one of the two.

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