Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nobunaga to Hideyoshi to Ieyasu

I bought Ikenami Shotaro's Nobunaga to Hideyoshi to Ieyasu book Tuesday at the San Diego Book-Off branch. Another steal, it was only a dollar! The book is very easy to read and can be finished in a hour or so. The book is written in a novel format without the dry academic bull. It starts off with a young Nobunaga explaining his history. After his death at the Honnoji, Hideyoshi takes over. What is so different about the book is that the heroes take over once they die. Ieyasu's story begins with the Battle of Sekigahara.

I am glad to buy such a book. A quick read for only a buck. You cannot beat that. From what I understand this book is popular since it has many editions.

Ikenami Shotaro. Nobunaga to Hideyoshi to Ieyasu. Tokyo: PHP, 1992.

We Remember 9/11 Seek and Destroy! Watch out UBL, Nobunaga is coming kill you!

Tenka no tame!

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