Monday, September 29, 2008

What would Nobunaga do?

Man, we are heading into the Great Depression again! Would Nobunaga let Congress run around with their crazy shenanigans? Would Nobunaga let the government take over the economy? The is no. Nobunaga would take off the shackles that has been placed on the American public. First, he would cut the corporate tax to a low one. Ban the capital gains tax and death tax. In fact, let the free market system work itself out. Capitalism frees people, not suppress them.

Remember, Nobunaga was a warlord, not some Ivy college dope head. In fact, he is a lot smarter than most of the elites who seem to know everything, but reality, know nothing. Cutting taxes means people have more money in their pockets. He knew most of the common people were smarter with their own money than the government.

Congress today? Nobunaga would have put them to death.

By the way, the book should be available for the holidays.

Tenka no tame!

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