Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Very upest so far!

I have been very upset so far on the NHK Tiaga drama series Nobunaga. Yes, he is my homeboy, but there is a lot of things are left. However, to be fair, I am enjoying it so far.

Here are some things that I am livid about.
  • Nohime as a crybaby and a whimp. Yuko Narito played a Better Nohime in Ken Watanabe's Nobunaga. She was the Viper's daughter and a tough one. She was no crybaby! She was an iron lady! Testu Onna!
  • Did not show when Dosan gave Nohime the dagger before heading off to Owari.
  • The meeting between Nobunaga and Dosan. Did not mention or show the 500 guns, failure to show Nobunaga spied on Dosan in the shack, and Nobunaga's nagabakama. Ken Watanabe's Nobunaga was the perfect costume.
  • Nobunaga's youth. It did well on sumo and hawking, but hardly anything on guns. Only a brief moment shooting with Nohime. No mention of Kunitomo 1549. No mention of Hashimoto Ippa and Daisuke Ichikawa. A huge crime. where were the persimmons and mochi? None! I thought Tenka Totta Baka and Nobunaga (Watanabe) did a better job.
To sum it up, the worst Atsumori version in I have ever seen. Nobody is going to beat Daisuke Ryu'sKagemusha, but come on! Put some heart into it.

As I said, I am enjoying it so far, but sometimes scratching my head.

Nobunaga no tame!

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