Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Surprise attacks

I do not care what the new theory says that Okehazama was not a surprise attack. Deal with it. It was a surprise attack. If you disagree, that is fine with me. I know from my own military experience that Okehazama was a surprise attack.

Today I would like to give other examples of surprise attacks that occurred in the Sengoku Era. One caught me off guard and learned something new.

1546 Battle of Kawagoe Hojo Ujiyasu was outnumbered by the Ashikaga and Uesugi and won.

1555 Battle of Itsukushima Mori Motonari outnumbered by Sue Harukata and won.

Here are the links to the two battles.

I will give an example of two small battles that Nobunaga was outnumbered and won. Both battles occurred in 1552. The Battle of Akatsuka and Kayatsu. Another one is the Battle of Ino in 1556 where Nobunaga beat both the Hayashi and Shibata armies. Nobunaga was outnumbered again and still won.

Small armies can beat the bigger ones with some shrewed tactics. The surprise attack is of the the best ways to take out a large army. Okehazama is the perfect example.

Here is a link to a festival related to the Battle of Nagashino, a little late.

The movie to Goemon as well.

Tenka no tame!

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