Monday, May 18, 2009

Which is the correct battlefield

Unfortunately, Okehazama has two battlefields and which one is the correct one is still being debated today.

The Okehazama battlefield Midori-ku, Arimatsu location

Okehazama battlefield Sakae-cho, Toyoake City location. Became a national landmark by the Ministry of Education in 1937.

So which one is the correct one? They are both legitimate battlefields. the Arimatsu location has a lot going against them. First, it is hard to get to and hardly anybody knows it even exists. You have to take a taxi to get there from Arimatsu Station. On the other hand, Toyoake City location is only a five minute walk from the Meitetsu station.

However, Arimatsu does have some things going their way. For example, more historians are excepting the Arimatsu location as the original battlefield. The Arimatsu location has the well were Yoshimoto's head was cleaned, the senpyo-no-matsu tree (war council tree), and Chofukuji Temple. The Buddhist priest, Zenku gave the Imagawa army refreshments nearby.

As for Toyoake City, they have the landmark where the Imagawa was camped at, the seven pillars for the dead, Kotokuin Temple, Senninzuka (grave for the war dead. 15 minute walk from the battlefield), and more important, status from the Ministry of Education (granted in 1937). They used to have the Okehazama museum before it shut down.

I think both battlefields are justified no matter what the historians say. They are both related to the battle. I have to admit, I have been to the Toyoake City location several times and only once to the Arimatsu location. It comes down to one important issue: convenience.

I am more liberal on this one. No matter what people say, I always say both are legit. In fact, both locations have some sort of festival going on near the battle date. That is music to my ears.

I urge you to visit both battlefields with an open mind. If you do, both locations will reveal their secrets out.

Nobunaga no tame!

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