Monday, July 6, 2009

First Speaking Forum

Tonight I will speak about my book for the first time with some close friends of mine. I am a little nervous, but will be able handle it. My friends and colleagues want to know more about my book, Nobunaga, and Okehazama. The book is still not perfect. However, I am very satisfied and blessed with the work that I done since the book is now at least respectable.

I found the person who was responsible for the Nobunaga/Ieyasu Guide Book illustrations.

Here is the link to the artist's web page.
Mr. YSK (nickname) has a blog and he was the one who created the book covers. Great job! Nobunaga is ready to take over the world!

Tenka no tame!

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D_A Renoir said...

I wonder if the artist have a preference for Nobunaga or something, because the Nobunaga cover looks MUCH better. He looks so epic and the art looks better.