Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Okehazama Discussion

The Okehazama discussion last night went well. I spoke for about forty minutes before the audience asked questions related to the battle. Most of the questions from the audience was about the so called surprise attack. To tell you the truth, the audience was split. However, as everybody knows my position on this touchy subject, Nobunaga DID use the surprise attack on the Imagawa at the Battle of Okehazama.

I would like to thank Ms. Hosokawa for letting me use her house as a place for me to talk about my book. Thanks again.

The Oda Nobunaga Guide Book is broken into six courses.

  1. Utsuke
  2. Tsushima
  3. Okehazama
  4. Road to Mino
  5. Sengoku no Onnatachi
  6. Nagashino
I really like this guide book and will be using it when I return to Japan. Hopefully this year. If you are in the Aichi area, please make sure you obtain this book. it is very useful and a must for any Nobunaga scholar.

Nobunaga no tame!

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