Friday, July 3, 2009

The New Edition Is Better

I finally received the copy of my new edition of the Okehazama book. I must say, I am am very happy with it and glad that I took the time to work out the kinks. The book is so much better than the old one and there is no comparison. I am completely satisfied with the work I done. Nothing is perfect and will likely add new information in a year or two.

I would like to thank Mr. Brent Massey who made this publication possible, Kitsuno who persuaded me to take the time to rewrite it, Obenjo who gave me a swift kick in the rear end at times to make sure the book is decent enough for the general public, Mr. Sekigahara, and God.

You can order the book at Amazon and at the Samurai Archives Bookstore. If you order the book at the SA, you will help their awesome site at no additional charge. Make sure you order the book new. The new version is the revised edition while the used one is the crummy one.

I did receive one negative review and it was well deserved. The person who wrote the review gave me strength to rewrite a better book. Thanks.

Saturday will be the 4th of July. Remember freedom comes at a price and it is precious. The price is always paid in blood.

Update : someone pointed out some errors on a couple of names. Yoshimoto's Timeline there are two. Yoshimoto's father was Ujichika not Yoshichika (Ujichika is listed later in the book) and Yoshimoto's wife Jukeiin (her name was Jokeiin). Page 32, Kitsuno's father was listed as IkomaIenaga. Her father was Ikoma Iemune. The first two, I do not know what happened. The last one was my fault. they name will be edited by the end of the year.

Nobunaga no tame!

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