Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kinzei of 1568

This is a prohibition notice at the grounds of Toji temple in Kyoto. Issued in September of 1568 when Nobunaga marched to the capital with Ashikaga Yoshiaki. Notice the red seal on the lower left corner. The seal is the oval shape (daenkei).

Prohibition on the grounds of Toji temple

  • Plundering and vandalism by my soldiers
  • The encampment of soldiers, arson, and unlawful duties.
  • Cutting bamboo trees in the mountain forest
The violator who commits these crimes, quick, and severe punishment will take place immediately.

Eiroku 11 year September Oda Danjo no chu Nobunaga (red seal)

Nobunaga no tame!


lasamurai said...

The Great Lord sure didn't mess around.

otsuke said...

The kinzei brought stability to conquered lands by the warlords. for more infomation, see Lamers book on Nobunaga, pp. 66-67.

There were great benefits fot both the issuing and receiving parties. The issuing, the cash. The receiving, stability.

Anonymous said...

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