Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tenka Fubu Seal

When Nobunaga finally took over Inoguchi for good and renamed the city Gifu in 1567, something also appeared for the first time. The Tenka Fubu seal. There are three Tenka Fubu insignias. The first one one appeared possibly in November of 1567 and it was an oval (daenkei). The second one a horseshoe (bateikei) and that appeared most likely in 1570. The last one was the twin or two dragons. My personal favorite, the horseshoe Tenka Fubu!

The Nobunagagaku forum as a great article on the Tenka Fubu seal. Even though the article is in Japanese, you can see the three types of the Tenka Fubu insignias.

Tenka no tame!


D_A Renoir said...

Aw, the link is dead now! I was hoping to find more about the ones with the dragon.

otsuke said...

Unfortunately, the page has been dead for awhile. It had a lot of great articles on Nobunaga.