Monday, July 21, 2008

Flower boy's old man

Mori Ranmaru was Nobunaga's greatest page. He was known to be a flower boy. He was pretty. What about his father, Mori Yoshinari? He was born in 1523 and died in 1570. As always, he was from Owari(according to Taniguchi Katsuhiro, he was originally from Mino, Nobunaga no Shineitai, p.215) and helped Nobunaga success at Kiyosu Castle in 1555. However, it was known he served the Saito of Mino as well. He held Usayama Castle in Omi at the time of his death. He died in battle fighting the Asakura and the Azai.

Nobunaga no Tame!

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