Sunday, July 27, 2008


Even if I disagree with the guy I do have respect. Fujimoto Masayuki's 1,000 rifle Nagashino theory cuts the grain. I have have respect for him since he went out of the mainstream. However, his theory does not convince me at all. Sure, Nobunaga no Sensoo is a great read packed with information, but it still does not convince me. He had to have more than 1,000. I know his theory is gaining ground and good for him. Ieyasu had around 500 guns so the total was more than 1,000. Rejecting all of the other so called "Edo Fiction" works makes me believe he has an agenda. Everybody does. He is not completely wrong on his new theory

I did not use any English sources on my last post. I wanted to display the Japanese sources since they were in question. However, I do suggest you buy and read Fujimoto Masayuki's Nobunaga no Sensoo. His theory is popping up everywhere.

Tenka no Tame!

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