Saturday, July 26, 2008

More on Nagashino and Guns

The more evidence I read that Nobunaga used around 1,000 rifles at the Battle of Nagashino, the more I question it. You have to give Fujimoto Masayuki credit. Nobunaga no Sensoo will make you think. The information is awesome. However, if 1,000 was the amount used in battle, he is dead wrong. Sakai Tatatsugu was given 500 rifles to attack Fort Tobigasu. 1,5000 total? For Fujimoto's sake I think 1,000 were used to shoot down the Takeda army. His theory on 1,000 has increased and gaining acceptance. I can only go so far with the number. If one thinks 1,000 is the answer, they are right to a point. 3,000 for the answer? Again, correct to a point. Okada Masahito's Oda Nobunaga Soogyoo Jiten listed the number 1,000 to unknown, pp. 361-2. Unknown is the best answer since there are so many theories out there.

Kenichi Futaki's Rekishi Documento Nagashino no Tatakai (pocket size book by Gakken 2000) has a lot of information. He listed the Shinchoo-Ko ki as 1,000, but later changed to 3,000.
Nagashino Nikki 3,000 and Ieyasu 500. Toshiie Yawa 3,000 (Nagashino no Tatakai, pp. 108-9).
Futaki has mentioned this as the main problem. You cannot reject all of the information as "Edo Fiction"
Oze Hoan has also listed the number as 3,000 Shinchooki Book 8. His work is being rejected as "Edo fiction" and I do not like that. Scholars still use his work today and I have a copy of his book.

Fujimoto Masayuki's theory is found in books such as
Nobunaga no Sensoo, Fujimoto Masayuki.

Kusano Takumi(Ko) Truth in History (4) Oda Nobunaga, p. 122.

Saigen Nihonshi Magazine 9/23/2001, pp. 4-8. Also see pp. 16-18 for more information.

Kudo Kensaku, Nobunaga wa Honto ni Tensai datta no, pp. 133-6.

Here is one without Fujimoto's work, but with 1,000.
Okamoto Ryoichi (piece was written by Owada Tetsuo) Oda Nobunaga no Subete, pp. 107-9.

With more questions than answers so far I have to assume for now everybody can have their cake and eat it too. Fujimoto Masayuki has lead the charge and his theory is a good one. However, I still think there was more than 1,000. With old war chronicles being thrown out for new age thinking it can bring in new life to the subject. It can also backfire. Okada was right to use the data as unknown since at the moment there is no clear cut answer. To tell you the truth, nobody knows at the present moment.

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Mcarmurr said...

Such disputes could be resolved if only historians could travel back in time and see the truth for themselves.

otsuke said...

I agree, but then history will not be so interesting.