Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kyakuten no Nihonshi

I bought a book a few weeks ago at the local Japanese Book-Off store here in San Diego. It was sitting there all the time and finally made the decision to buy it. Well, I have to say it will make you think or scratch your head.

Kyakuten no Nihonshi Sengoku Kassen Honto wa Ko Datta, by who else Fujimoto Masayuki. It was printed in 1997. This is important since Fujimoto's Nagashino theory is not new. He made up his mind about it a long time ago. I disagree with him, but I have respect for him since he has since stuck to his guns. I like that. Pages 18-20 deal with the Nagashino gun issue, again he states the 3,000 rifles as fiction. Pages 15-17 deal with the Battle of Okehazama. He discuss Nobunaga's ironclad ships, weapons and armor, the Takeda cavalry, and more.

I have to admit the book will make you think and doubt whether the facts you know are true or false.

Nobunaga no Tame!

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