Sunday, November 30, 2008

Donate to the SA

This post will be a plea to donate to the Samurai Archives. The SA has been around for a few years and their site is one of the best. Their staff is one of best and educated I have ever seen. They have helped me the past few months with my book and their wealth of knowledge. If you want to see the site blossom into something greater, please donate. I have already, twice!

First after donating to your favorite charities such as The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, local churches, and toy drives. If you have a couple of bucks leftover, donate to the SA. I urge all samurai history freaks to donate. Your donation is needed to continue an awesome service to the samurai world.

They will have two interviews soon with Stephen Turnbull and Thomas Conlan. Only the SA can do that. If you want to see the rising quality interviews and the study of samurai history, please donate. Five bucks or ten. It does not matter. Please donate. It all helps to a great cause.

Tenka no Tame! Nobunaga no Tame!

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