Friday, November 7, 2008

Thomas Conlan

I just received Thomas Conlan's book on Samurai warfare. It is a must have! I got the recommendation from my friends at Samurai Archives. He has a web page as well. Check it out.

Update on Okehazama book

It is off to the publisher. I do have to say I am very humbled. I have never done a project like this before. Sadly, I had to leave some things out. I plan with a 2nd edition to add more things. I found more data! However, the book will still be crammed with tons of information. I think Nobunaga will be proud of it.

Next week I plan to comment on Matsukata Hiroki's Atsumori performance on the television drama Taiko. Hint: It was a lot better and more accurate than the NHK Taiga Nobunaga series.

Tenka no Tame!

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