Friday, November 28, 2008

Stephen Turnbull

I understand that the Samurai Archives (SA) will have an interview with the great samurai historian Stephen Turnbull. I am so happy. Like him or hate him. His work on Sengoku Japan has given the English reader so much information. I am very thankful and grateful for his work. Without the good doctor, the world would be a bit darker.

I have at least ten or more of his books on my personal library and I still use his works as a reference. Sure, he had blunders, but so have we. I do not blame him at all. However, I understand that his work has gotten a bit better. That can only be good news. I will not ask any questions to the doctor. I am not up to his status. I am still at the bottom working to the top. It will take years.

My favorite books of his are Battles of the Samurai, Samurai Warfare, Nagashino, and Kawanakajima. I would hope that he would do another edition on Nagashino since there is new information that has changed the battle's history as well as Kawanakajima. If I would give something to write about, I have two. Anegawa 1570 and Mita ga hara 1572. I think he write something great on those two battles.

I would like to gibe thanks to the SA and to their great staff as well. God Bless them and I hope the Holiday season brings them many blessings. As for my book, it is done. Just waiting. I am truly a lucky man. I am always grateful and thankful for the SA and Jetlag Press. God Bless them!

Tenka no tame!

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