Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shincho-Ko ki: Okehazama Part II

"Nobunaga looked towards east seeing the smoke rise from Marune and Washizu. During this time, Nobunaga had around two hundred soldiers. If Nobunaga continued forward from the coastline, it would be the shortest distance. However, the tides were up and would not allow the horses to pass. From Atsuta, he rode through the countryside arriving at Fort Tange and then Fort Zenshoji where Sakuma Nobumori was stationed. Then Nobunaga reviewed the situation at hand.

The enemy Imagawa Yoshimoto leading an army of 45,000 was resting his soldiers and horses at Okehazama. On May 19th around noon time, Yoshimoto facing northwest said, 'I could not be more happier that Marune and Washizu was attacked and brought down.' Then he had three rounds of Noh songs chanted. During this time, Tokugawa Ieyasu, led the attack with soldiers wearing red armor carrying supplies to Odaka Castle. He had difficulty at Marune and Washizu and now resting his troops at Odaka.

From Zenshoji Nobunaga sent two of his commanders Sasa Masatsugu and Senshu Suetada along with three hundred soldiers to attack the Imagawa, but the two men along with fifty others were killed. For Yoshimoto, he was quite pleased and saw this as a great omen and even Heaven's demons or Gods would not put a fight with his power. After Nobunaga looked at the war situation, he made the decision to move forward to Nakajima. Nobunaga's retainers protested. 'The road to Nakajima is flanked by deep paddies. Once you step into them, you will not be able to move. It will make our small army visible to the enemy. Besides, you will be forced to march single file.'

At Nakajima, Nobunaga tried to sortie out, but his retainers succeeded in stopping him. Then Nobunaga spoke to his troops. "Everyone listen carefully. The Imagawa soldiers came in last night to bring provisions to Odaka Castle, took Marune and Washizu, and are exhausted. On the other hand, our army is fresh. Besides, you have the old saying, ' Do not be afraid of a large enemy because your army is small. Luck resides in Heaven....'"

Tenka no tame!

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