Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shincho-Ko ki: Okehazama Part V

This is the last segment that I have tried to translate. Some things were left out, but very minor at best.

"...Yamada Shinzaemon, a man from Suruga found out that Yoshimoto was killed in action. It was said that he saddled up on his horse, went back to fight, and was killed. The he said, 'In order to observe the morale principles, you must no regret to abandon one's life.' Matsui Munenobu of Futamata Castle was killed. A part of two hundred were killed. In this battle, many famous warriors were killed in action.

Nobunaga hoisted Yoshimo's head on his horse and quickly headed back to his headquarters. Later that day he returned to Kiyosu. The next day the viewing of around three thousand heads took place. After Yoshimoto's death, they were asked to inquire the many heads taken and were noted down. ...Yoshimoto's head was taken back to Suruga along with ten Buddhist priests.

At this time, Twenty cho south of Kiyosu was Atsuta's Sukaguchi. Nobunaga ordered his men to build a Yoshimoto-zuka. Here a memorial service and sutras were performed as well as a big sotoba erected. On the occasion of Yoshimoto's death, Nobunaga confiscated the prize Samonji sword and tested it out....Okabe Motonobu was holed up at Narumi Castle and then gave the command to surrender. The enemy castles Odaka, Kutsukake, Chiryu, and Shigehara also surrendered.

This was by no means perfect, but at least get a glimpse what Gyuchi wrote on the battle.

Nobunaga no tame!

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