Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shincho-Ko ki: Okehazama Part I

Since the Okehazama text in Ota Gyuichi's Shincho-Ko ki is long, I will break it up into several parts. I have translated the text the best the best I can do at the moment. Nothing is perfect. I am using Nakagawa Taiko's version of Gyuichi's classic (introduction book, chapter 36; pp. 85-92).

Third Year of Eiroku 1560

"On May 17th, Imagawa Yoshimoto set up camp at Kutsukake. The night of the 18th, the Imagawa sent supplies to Odaka Castle with no Oda allies coming, the flow of the morning tide, and it was certain that the Oda forts will be attacked. Messengers from Sakuma Morishige and Oda Genba reported to Nobunaga. However, that evening Nobunaga and his retainers talked about various topics, but nothing on military matters. Then it was late and Nobunaga sent his retainers home. His retainers said, 'When luck runs out, the mirror of one's wisdom clouds up too.' As anticipated that night, more news from Sakuma Morishige and Oda Genba. "Both Fort Marune and Washizu are under attack by the Imagawa.' Then Nobunaga sang and danced to Atsumori.

Man's life is fifty years.
In the universe what is it but dream or illusion?
Is there any who is born and does not die?

Then Nobunaga shouted 'Blow the conch horn and bring my armor.' Nobunaga put on his armor and helmet, ate his meal standing, and went off to war. at the time, the pages Iwamuro Nagato no Kami, Hasegawa Hashisuke, Sawaki Tohachi, Yamaguchi Hida no Kami, and Gato Yaburo. The six of them rode to Atsuta and in front of the Kamichikama Shrine...."

Nobunaga no tame!


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