Friday, March 19, 2010

Shincho-Ko ki: Okehazama Part IV

"Then Nobunaga got off his horse and rushed forward with his young soldiers. Enemy soldiers falling forward and backwards as young soldiers fought in chaos. It was blade against blade, sword guard against sword guard, and sparks were flying everywhere. In all this chaotic action enemy and friendly soldiers were never confused with each other since they were distinguished themselves by color. Many of Nobunaga's horse guards and big shot pages were either killed or wounded in action. Hattori Haruyasu attacked Yoshimoto, but his knee was slashed. Then Mori Shinsuke cut down Yoshimoto and took his head. After many years ago when the Kiyosu Castle's shugo was attacked and killed (Shiba Yoshimune) Mori Juro helped to protect the young master, then a Divine protection appeared that was able to take Yoshimoto's head as the people gossiped.

It was very evident that the Imagawa ran out of luck. Okehazama's terrain is a valley with deep mud paddies which made mobility hard. Those who did flee were trapped in the deep mud and unable to get away. Then the young warriors were able to catch up taking two or three heads and brought them to Nobunaga. Then Nobunaga told his troops that he would conduct a head inspection at Kiyosu. However, he was in complete satisfaction seeing Yoshimoto's head. He returned to his headquarters along the same route he had taken earlier...."

Tenka no tame!

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