Thursday, May 22, 2014

Azuchi Banquet

Here is a postcard I bought while visiting Azuchi last year.  This was the last huge banquet that was held at Azuchi before the Honnoji Rebellion.  Nobunaga entertained Ieyasu in the middle of May in 1582.  There is a model display of the banquet at the Azuchi Castle museum.  Also there is a great book  on Sengoku hospitality cuisine by Ego Michiko, Nobunaga no Omotenashi.  Highly recommend for the Nobunaga scholar.

Tenka no tame!


D_A Renoir said...

Thank you so much~!
So is this the banquet menu? Do each person get all these food given to them? That's seriously a lot of food O___O

D_A Renoir said...

Speaking of food, now I'm really curious about what the uesama-dango looks like. I wonder if it looks like the dango we see nowadays.

otsuke said...

There are several hundreds varieties of dangos. Dried fruit was another popular sweet, especially hoshigaki (dried persimmon).