Sunday, January 24, 2010

Arimatsu Okehazama Battlefield Part II

Here are some more photos from the battlefield area.

After Nobunaga's victory over Imagawa Yoshimoto, he ordered the Okehazama locals to dig seven holes to bury the war dead. The tombs were called "Nanatsu-zuka" and believed to be under a curse. The Toyoake Okehazama battlefield also has seven tombstones dedicated to the
Imagawa fallen.

When Yoshimoto's main army made camp at Okehazama, a priest by the name of Zenku along with the locals provided food and drink. Zenku became head priest of the temple in 1538 and Chofukuji is from the Seizan sect of Jodo Buddhism. Take a close look at the picture, you will see in the background a stone with Yoshimoto's and Matsui Munenobu's tombstone nearby.

Now there could be one more important person who helped providing the food and drink and some intelligence as well. Hachisuka Koroku Masakatsu did participate in the battle for the Oda. For further reading see Hoshi Ryoichi, Hachisuka Koroku Masakatsu, (Gakken Bunko, 2001) pp. 82-103.

Tenka no tame!

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