Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arimatsu Okehazama Battlefield Part IV

Here are some pictures where Sena Ujitoshi made camp on May 17th, 1560. Ujitoshi's birth and date dates are unknown. However, he was the lord of Sena Castle in Suruga and his wife was Yoshimoto's younger sister, and his father was Sena Ujisada.

Very close by is the Shinmei/Okehazama Shrine

At Yoshimoto's camp, everything was going well. While everybody was eating lunch, there were Noh songs being chanted and a possibility of a tea ceremony as well. It was noted in Owada Tetsuo's Imagawa Yoshimoto that a daisu was brought on the campaign (p. 222). The possibilities are high in my opinion since Yoshimoto was attached to high culture.

Yoshimoto was in a surcoat of red brocade and armor with a white breastplate, a sword by Samonji, and a dagger by Matsukura Go. He sat in full enjoyment while gazing at the heads of his defeated enemies. Little did Yoshimoto know that Nobunaga was about to crash the party.

Yoshimoto acquired the Samonji sword when he married Takeda Nobutora's daughter. Before it was in the hands of Miyoshi Nagamasa (Sozan). After the Okehazama victory, it was in the hands of its rightful owner, Nobunaga. The sword is now located and stored at Takeisao Shrine (Kenkun Jinja) in Kyoto.

Tenka no tame!

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