Friday, June 6, 2008

Onna Nobunaga

Here is the book Onna Nobunaga, by Kenichi Sato. A Senkogu Jidai novel covering Oda Nobunaga as a female? I never heard of that before. The only reason I can think of was that Nobunaga was a pretty boy, but had fine taste in beatiful ladies. You have to remeber he was a ladies man. Still I think the novel is worth a read. Now, I have heard stories that Uesugi Kenshin was a female. I do not buy that theory at all. Two things Kenshin loved: War and Drinking. It was love of booze that killed. His liver gave out on him. Last year's NHK drama Furin Kazan, the person who played Uesugi Kenshin character was a male. At first I did not know it was a male or female. To tell you the truth, the actor who played Uesugi Kenshin looked like a female. I hated that. Gackt, you lose!

I have not forgotten about blogging more on the Honnoji Rebellion. Zenhi ni Oboyasu(Shigata ga nai) Cannot be helped.

Nobunaga no Tame!

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