Monday, June 9, 2008

Honnoji: Luis Frois version

Here is Luis Frois's version of the Honnoji Rebellion.

"As our church in Miyako is situated only a street away from the place where Nobunaga was staying, some Christians came out just as I was vesting to say early Mass, and told me to wait because there was commotion in front of the palace and it seemed to be something serious as fighting had broken out there. We at once began to hear musket shots and see flames. After this another report came, and we learned that it had not been a brawl but that Akechi had turned traitor and eneny of Nobunaga and had him surrounded. When Akechi's men reached the palace gates, they at once entered as nobody was there to resist them becausethere had been no suspicion of their treachery. Nobunaga had just washed his hands and face and was drying himself with a towel when they found him and forthwith shot him in the side with an arrow. Pulling the arrow out, he came out carring a naginata, a weapon with a long blade made after the fashion of a scythe. He fought for some time, but after receiving a shot in the arm he retreted into his chamber and shut the doors.
Some say that he cut his belly, while others believe that he set fire to the palace and perished in the flames. What we do know, however, is that of this man, who made everyone tremble not only at the sound of his voice but even mention of his name, there did not remain even a small hair which was not reduced to dust and ashes."

Well there you have it from Luis Frois. Here was there in Kyoto where the rebellion took place. It did not do a god job on Nobunaga's last fight. It seemed that Nobunaga wimped out. That is a complete lie! He fought with bravery and to the last. I have heared he had been shot before fighting. Then again, he killed many before he took his own life. No mention of his use of the bow and arrow. Could it be that Luis Frois can leave some key data out since Nobunaga was killed? Who knows. More later.

Tenka no Tame!

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