Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nobunaga movies

This photo of Nobunaga and Nohime's wedding day. The photo is from the NHK drama Kunitori Monogatari which was broadcast in 1973. Has anybody seen the series?

Also I found two movies produced in 1959 on young Nobunaga.

Shikihi no Nobunaga, Daiei 1959 and
Fuuunji Oda Nobunaga (Soldier of Fortune Oda Nobunaga) Toei 1959. Again, I ask the question, has anybody seen the movie? If you have and/or know where I can purchase them. Let me know right away.

Here we go again on the Nohime question. Look at Rekishi Gunzoo series, Gekishin Oda Nobunaga, by Gakken 2001. p. 143. The article was written by Okada Masahito. He believes that Nohime or known as Azuchi-dono later in life passed away on July 9th, 1612.

At least you know Kitsuno died tragically in 1566.

Nobunaga no Tame!

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