Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where was Nohime during the Honnoji Rebellion

While Nobunaga persihed at the Honnoji in Kyoto, where was Nohime? Nobunaga's lovely wife stayed put at Azuchi Castle. When Nobunaga left for Kyoto late May, Gamo Katahide was the man in charge of Azuchi. When he heard the new of Nobunaga's death, he had to act fast. He told his son, Ujisato, to escort Nobunaga's family to safety. He took the family to Hino, which was located in Omi Province(Shiga Prefecture). Highly possible that Nohime was taken to Hino Castle. Again, there are rumors that she died with Nobunaga at the Honnoji Rebellion, but the theory does not match. She passed away, July 9th, 1612.

Okada Masahito's, Oda Nobunaga Soogyoo Jiten, has a lot of information. Look at pages 155-62, 233-4, 387, and 397-8.

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