Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where was Dota Gozen

Where was Nobunaga's mother at during the Honnoji Rebellion? According to Okada Masahito, she was staying at Azuchi Castle. The same goes for Nobunaga's concubine, Onabe no kata. The three:Nohime, Dota Gozen, and Onabe no kata received the news around ten in the morning. Then the Gamo family helped the remaining Oda family to escape to Hino. As for Dota Gozen, she was known as Okata-dono sama, later on in life. She passed away on January 7th, 1594. You can looked on pp. 144, 398-9, and 400-1. Okada Masahito, Oda Nobunaga Soogyoo Jiten. I find the book very useful and easy to read, Japanese based. It would be days later where Azuchi was burnt to ashes.

If you are looking for answers to hard questions, look at the Samurai Citadel block on the Samurai Archives web page. There are some answers that make my head shake and some are right on the mark.

Nobunaga no Tame!

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