Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Nobunaga Bible

The Shinchoo-Koo ki, by Ota Gyuuichi is the Nobunaga Bible. It is a must for any Nobunaga fan or scholar. The one above is located in Kyoto at Takeisao Shrine or also known as Kenkun Jinja. The shrine also possess the sword Samonji which Nobunaga took as a war prize in the Battle of Okehazama in 1560. Why is Gyuuchi's book is preferable? The answer is simple. He knew the Nobunaga well and fought with him. He also comes from Nobunaga's Owari domain as well. Jeroen Lamers, Japonius Tyrannus, is the English standard. There is a huge difference from the two. Gyuuichi explained and wrote more on Nobunaga's battles which I liked. More blood and guts.

As for the Shinchoo-Koo ki, the modern version is good as well. I have two copies in my personal library. Ota Gyuuichi. Shinchoo-Ko ki. Translated by Sakakiyama Jun. Tokyo: Kyooikusha, 1980. I have one copy myself while studying in Japan and the other my teacher gave to me as a going away gift.

Tenka no Tame!

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