Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The deed

Here is the deed that Saito Dosan wrote before his death at the Battle of Nagaragawa in1556 modern day Gifu City. Dosan must have known that the possibilities of him surviving were slim. This was a good way to go out. The last thing Dosan wanted was for Yoshitatsu to have the deed. Dosan knew right after his meeting with Nobunaga in 1553 that he was no fool. He knew Nobunaga was rare and the one of the few who can survive in the hellish Sengoku Era. He trusted Nobunaga and it was one of the key reasons why he wrote the deed to Mino for his son-in-law.

Unfortunately, I can only translated a few lines. The few passages goes:

To my heart content, I give Oda Kami no suke Nobunaga Mino.
Present Nobunaga transfer documents to him.

Saito Yamashiro
Koji 2 April 19th, Dosan

It is loosely translated and I am looking for someone who can do the job. There is more, but I am trying to put the pieces together. I think Saito Dosan would have proud that Nobunaga did take over Mino in 1567 and made it even better. To what I know and not completely certain is the document is in two area. One is in Kyoto, located at Myoukakuji Temple and the other is in the Osaka Castle Tenshukaku.

Nobunaga no Tame!

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