Monday, June 23, 2008


I have more information on Nohime. Three years after the Honnoji Rebellion and Nobunaga's death. One of his sons gave money to Nohime. According to the Oda Nobukatsu Bugenchou, Okazaki-dono (Gotoku) received 700 kamon, Okata-dono sama (Nobunaga's mother) 640 Kamon, and Azuchi-dono (Nohime) 600 Kamon. Okada Masahito, Oda Nobunaga Soogyoo Jiten, pp.159-60. As I said yesterday, the photo I put up of the blog was Nohime's. If I can translate it right or somone can correct me on it, I believe her death name was Youkain-dono or Yougein-dono. If you look at Onabe no kata's name. It was different. Pages162 and 167.

I did go the website Not bad and I have seen more of the information before. It is worth a look. It is in Japanese. Also I posted Anthony Bryants's page as well. It is posted on my links. Great website as well. There is more information at Rekishi Gunzo, Gekishin Oda Nobunaga by Gakken, p. 143

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